Some of our Customers:

PP&L Power Company

Challenger World

Production Radio

AT&T Labs

AT&T Cellular

SRI International

Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies

lar One, Texas

Dept of Transportation

NS Microwave

LTV Steel Mining Co.

Powertel PCS Communications

Mason Communications

Western Wireless

QuestTech, Inc

State of Delaware


Metro Call Paging

TVI Corperation

AND many other fine companies and agencies


Radio Interoperability Solutions and Consulting Services

For Interoperability systems from Vega, Raytheon/JPS, NCS and Others

ICST can provide you with a wide range of portable and fixed Interoperability and VoIP solutions for Emergency Services and business users. We can provide consulting and training services for all your radio interoperability needs. Contact us today for details.

Authorized ICOM Dealer


ICST Can solve your business or agency's communications needs with its wide assortment of ICOM mobile and portable radios and repeaters.

Why Icom Land Mobile Products?

Land Mobile products provide two-way radio communications for a wide variety of markets including but not limited to: public safety, transportation, education and manufacturing. Icom's line of small hand-held radios, vehicle-mounted mobile radios, and base station and repeater equipment is full-featured, narrow-band compliant, and built military tough.

Have You Narrow-banded Yet?

January 1, 2013 is here and the FCC narrow-banding mandate is now in effect. Avoid FCC admonishment, monetary fines and possible loss of license. Narrow-band your system with Icom's P25 and IDAS 6.25 kHz solutions.